TO KEEP A BREAST ~ Inside a Healing Journey

About the Book

If you or someone you love want another perspective when dealing with a devastating diagnosis, you’ll want to read this book. You’ll follow Kesha’s spiritual, multi-dimensional journey of discovery and recovery of stage 2B (or not to be) breast cancer in 2012.

Grounded in spiritual insights with a sprinkle of poetry, her account offers new hope to anyone experiencing a dark night of the soul. By combining ancient wisdom, healthier choices and modern advances, you’ll learn what’s possible if you’re willing to apply your curious mind and keep discovering.

You’re capable of dismantling unconscious blocks to your healing. Kesha’s story can light the way. Cancer became a life or death decision for her soul. Beyond western medicine, lies an innate healing capacity. Learning to trust this power is for you to discover.

To Keep A Breast ~ Inside a Healing Journey is a story about freedom and release. The choice to heal is within your reach… and you’re not alone.

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