I don’t remember how it happened, or when or why
but I was learning then teaching, some others to fly.
A woman was I, deep and assured…
when I flew, I could soar like a mechanical bird.

Close to the earth, near the water I flew
when another young woman, wise but untrue
seemed to follow my pathway as if she knew…
just where my weak and soft spots existed
and up from behind, she sought me, persisted.

Until I began to catch up with her game
and decided this was my dream to claim.
So I avoided her glance, which hid behind mirrors
then recognized her in myself, someone dear.

It was then I grew freer than ever before
and was welcomed abreast eternity’s door
where others were gathered, beneath a dark sky
who were young, strong, restless and eager to fly.

I taught one to breathe in the air all around
until she, like me, became the breath of one sound.
And we lifted, transformed on a path of the heart
then drifted, dissolved into dreaming our part.

We merged with creation, forever anew
Deciding each moment on how to be true.
It’s ourselves we share from the place beyond sky
with freedom to choose how to live or let fly.

It’s no wonder I’m dreaming of flying right now.
There’s a change in the air, so finding out how
to lift beyond shadows and consciously aim
for a life filled with wonder, for the soul’s code, we came.