If you’re anything like me, you need to jumpstart your day with inspiration. As I woke up this morning, trying to recall a dream, I thought of ten things to be grateful for before getting out of bed. Then with conscious breathing, yoga stretching, I sat with my go-to spiritual guidebook A Course In Miracles. I laughed out loud when reading a text from a friend, inviting me to join Deepak and Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation series on “Creating Peace from the Inside Out”. It was on the list.

Flashes from the dreaming mind merged with those early waking moments… I met with a scientist who discovered a technique called brain mapping. Apparently the brain lights up in different areas with every happy thought! From something as simple as finding a leaf you like when out walking to getting a raise, happiness literally lights up the brain. I’ve yet to do the research, but no doubt it’s on google and circulating.

I invite you to rest awhile into the comfort of your own breath. Here you may imagine folding into a sacred chamber, a majestic temple of safety. With a thought you can release into the freedom that forgiveness offers. It’s your decision to remember your divine inheritance. It’s your nature to receive gifts offered by the present moment. Think into your mind what you would like to experience: joy, peace, abundance, loving friendships and happy laughter. Recall a moment of grace. Smile and feel the effects.

You are creating an electric current of energy. You can train yourself to manage your mind by adding a sparkle of happiness to your thoughts. Your human life is filled with desire and it propels you to create for the little while you are here. Your desire makes the world of form and your willingness to release yourself from outcome will gift you the peace you seek.

Within you lies power of decision and it’s available this very moment. Because you’ve asked, you’re able to receive. Your heart beats with the power of an ancient drum. The call for your love returns. Inside your choice to unburden yourself from unhealthy ideas, is a miracle waiting your acceptance.

It is here, in the ever extending presence of eternity, to a place you may recognize when quieting your mind, that your inner light bursts. You are grander than star-fire, a spark inside the universe, granted all the powers of and by God. No lack exists within the cosmic dance. Your mind is free to travel the waves on this jewel of a planet and see light sparkling everywhere.

Even in your brain, your happiness is possible now. It lights up the world and inspires the world to awaken with you.