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Kesha Engel - AuthorWho hasn’t been through the school of hard knocks? Consider yourself blessed if you escape this life unscathed. From a Near Death Experience in my teens- drug related- and other mind bending events, a series of broken dreams including bankruptcy and breast cancer, the soul continues to be challenged with the human experience.

There’s more to life than we could ever see and within the heart lies a memory. The seed of creation, of safety and peace dwells inside the human race. It’s in me, in you, in all we meet- yet often we’re caught by the pull of the street. But it’s love that delivers and it’s never too late- to change your course and choose a new fate.

In writing I’m learning to share what’s true. In teaching I practice reaching out to you. We’re not so different, when we choose to heal; decide to focus on what is real. With gifts to deliver and share with each other, we bless this life with our Earth Mother. At times we slip and it’s hard to discover, the lessons our soul wants to uncover. But when we ask for help and remember the light- we may find a new path that eases our plight.

The journey of mystic, of poet or friend, makes the heart ever wider to include all in the end. From the beginning we return with desire, to experience contrast and ignite inner fire. Breathe life to your dreams and never forsake, your beloved by Creation- forgive any mistake. Days become decades in the revolution of time, so jump into action and remember to shine. It’s vital to laugh at the extremes you’ve made up- In truth, we all drink from the same cup.

If I can help you retrieve what’s true and assist you in waking to the value of you… just send me a message or give me a call, together we grow… divided… (impossible!)


My background includes over 30 years in the health & wellness field as counselor, bodyworker, hypnotherapist, breath-work trainer, minister and practitioner of New Thought. It’s all available under the umbrella of Soul Code Coaching. Formative experiences of human challenge drive a passion to keep learning about alternatives in health, spirituality and relationships. We’re here to master it all.

If you ready to awaken the power of your soul, you’ve come to the right place. We believe in your innate healing capacity and will help you discover ways to access it. By utilizing tools like breath-work and energy awareness training, we aim to release blocks and assist you with healthier choices. Your willingness to explore and engage alternatives are positive steps in your wellness journey.

Remember, healing personal challenges will positively affect worlds of change for you, your family, your community and our planet. Thank you for joining the revolution!


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