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Kesha Engel - AuthorWho hasn’t been through the school of hard knocks? Consider yourself blessed if you escape this life unscathed. From a Near Death Experience in my teens- drug related- and other mind bending events, a series of broken dreams including bankruptcy and breast cancer, the soul continues to be challenged with the human experience. These formative experiences created the grounding for my life path.

For over 30 years, I’ve been practicing in the health & wellness field as counselor, bodyworker, hypnotherapist, breath-work trainer, minister and practitioner of New Thought. I’m still uncovering the mystic healing power beyond the veil. And this thirst for knowledge will benefit you. It’s all available under the umbrella of Soul Code Coaching and it’s my passion is to see you thrive!

If you ready to awaken the power of your soul, you’ve come to the right place. I believe in your innate healing capacity and will help you discover ways to access it. By utilizing tools like breath-work and energy awareness training, you will activate healthier patterns with ease. Your willingness to explore and engage proven tools will support your wellness journey.

Remember, healing personal challenges will positively affect worlds of change for you, your family, your community and our planet. Thank you for joining the healing revolution!

Soul Code Coaching

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