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Kesha’s stories can be found in other books by the authors listed.


Pathways to Peace…  by Christine Spencer

“Kesha’s NDE (Near Death Experience) as a teenager from a drug overdose is one of the featured stories in Christine’s Spencer’s book: Pathways To Peace: Understanding ‘Death’ And Embracing Life. It’s published by Balboa Press and available on Amazon.

Check out the book at Amazon.

It was originally printed in on the web (2002) as one of the first NDE stories for the International Association for Near Death Stories. For more information on this topic visit: www.iands.org


Break Through With BreathworkBy Jim Morningstar, PhD

Another one of Kesha’s soul stories was recently published in October, 2017 by Jim Morningstar, PhD in his latest book: Break Through With Breathwork: Jumpstarting Personal Growth In Counseling And The Healing Arts

In this account (the last personal story in Dr. Morningstar’s therapeutic book), Kesha describes a past life journey resulting in present life healing through forgiveness. The story demonstrates the power of breathwork to access sub-conscious material for healing consciousness.

Check out the book at Amazon.

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