When your Soul wants to ride on the currents of change
Never forget you’ll be feeling quite strange.
For if it’s not easy to do what seems right
It’s likely because you’ve prepared for a fight.

Your ego pretends that it’s she who knows best
And doesn’t remember who set up the test.
Before your body took on its birth
You’ve circled with Spirit, scanning the earth.

You chose long ago it was just fine to split
From your Source that provides all that is It
What you want is always that which you get
Even if it seems you’ve signed up for bullshit.

You can shift through the horrors that play in your game
By closing the portal that lead you to shame.
And do not forsake that you’re on the endeavor
for a choice in between always and never.

Any moment in time when you make that new choice
And decide to give power to your inner voice
You raise a new standard and open a door
To a feeling you may not have noticed before.

You’re suspended with grace and life moves toward you
A smiling face and you’ll know what to do.
Just reach for the hand that welcomes you near
And trust all unfolding to what you hold dear.

For the Soul wants extremes, it doesn’t care whether
you experience pain or go for more pleasure.
Choose wisely my friend and forgive all that’s handed
and you’ll ride out this life with joyful abandon.

Kesha Engel, all rites reserved. See

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