As I sit down to write these words, spring pops in Wisconsin. Birdsong flushes through the forest and the vibration of distant traffic seems quieter than what I remember in years past. Colors shimmer vibrantly as the greenery fills the spaces between once barren limbs.
The incubation period seems to be waning and a promise of the new world ebbs in consciousness. Not so eager to jump into whatever it was we did before. Instead, becoming aware of a softening, edges seem diffuse as the ground lets loose of its wintery, saturated chill. Being on earth at this time offers a new relationship with our planet. And its sweeping the globe.
Seems many of us received the benefit of a collective pause. Maybe not, but this is what I pay attention to. Our collective mind called in something called covid to stop us in the maddening rush of activity. We perhaps reluctantly or gratefully, accepted the hush instead of the rush. What benefits are you aware of? What will you carry forward?
My heart feels nourished and wide open with possibility… dreaming still of a future filled with appreciation and wonder. This can be called forward from the stillness. A stillness that is only possible in the depths of imagination, beyond the noise of the world. All false beliefs drop away when we allow time with silence where Spirit and inspiration whispers.
Remembering how things were just a few months ago as we embarked on the new decade of 2020. Cliches popped forth: 2020 vision or hindsight is 2020. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, we were instructed to shelter in place, forcing a time-in. Hopefully, we seized the opportunity to inwardly connect with what true vision offers.
It’s simple if we accept the truth about ourselves. There’s no question that truth is true. We are beloved and loved into existence and we’re saturated in the primordial soup of love. If we lend our mind to see this and only this, vision becomes crystal clear, beyond the clouds of fear. Navigating change becomes sweet surrender. Ideas of love and appreciation can fill our moments with peace.
There is no world outside of our mind! This is the glad news- the happy dream when we keep tuning our attention and frequency to the light of who we truly are. We called this in and we’re just beginning to crown. Birthing pains come out of a gestation period. And it took corona, meaning crown, to show us these possibilities. Something great is asking to be born in us.
Every being will move through this in her (or his) own way and every person holds a spectrum of radiance that fulfills the mission of humanity’s experiment. We each can rest in the awareness that we play an integral role in the great awakening. When living and responding in love to whatever the moment asks of us, we fulfill our destiny.
Lights will find other lights. Love loves love. When we close our eyes to whatever seems to be happening “out there”, we remember. The unveiling is at hand, portals are opening and new dimensions in consciousness become available at light speed. How funny that we’ve literally been hiding behind masks during this time. They symbolize all the many ways we try to hide the truth of ourselves- from ourselves and each other.
In secret, in silence, we can lean into remembering who we truly are and soon enough, we cannot help but to smile again- shedding the layers of how we’ve tried to hide. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll invite heaven to expand through our hearts as we wake from a long and often restless sleep. Heaven is our decision. Feeling so thankful for you who remember with me.
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