The light has come! What need be to the one who holds everything? Whisper a thought, and the breath of God stirs…carrying desire upon the wind. All is well in the space between perception.

Your love, like the blossom, unfolds from the shadows, complex and twisted at first charge. And it grows in the invisible, between the layers, where its fragrance is born. Nothing missing from your endless offering and all the world smiles.

We are connected at the root, drawing forth from the seed of creation, a shared communion. Entwined with new realization, we celebrate this holy day… the return of delight. 

Thank you my love, for opening yourself unto me… for birthing new possibility in your exhale. A brilliant dance tickles the soul alive. Remembering the place between movement, the silence inside the sound. How we need the void before perceiving our differences.

Playing with tenderness, reaching beyond the gap in consciousness to feel the sacred heart we are together. Inhaling the promise your light brings and melting into the mandala of laughter, we return again in the forever, where nothing but desire exists.