Author’s Note: Feel into these words as if they’re your own- as it’s meant to be as a prayer.

I dive into breathe… surrendering into the loving arms this universe truly offers. I welcome in new thoughts, new ideas, new awareness in this time of accessing the inner light. As the days grow darker, an inner light calls me home. It is the light of consciousness and it is inside all life- emanating a brilliant force of love.

Feeling grateful for this loving universe and for the awakening of awareness in living without fear. I choose loving thoughts, laugh easily when I forget and delight in the playground of practicing forgiveness. This school of life forever offers opportunities to let go, let love in, and forgive any ideas that seem to block the awareness of love’s presence.

Knowing I am whole and healed, I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice ways to incorporate loving extension of consciousness. It moves from the inside out and light and love are my nature. I know that this loving essence lights up every cell in my body and travels at light speed throughout creation.

I’m aware of an increasing frequency of liquid light bathing my cellular body with health and washing through the body of this planet. I accept the grid of light anchoring heaven on earth. I accept the unseen forces of good balancing this jeweled orb called Earth and I encourage my mind to witness only evidence of the good happening in the world.

Feeling deep appreciation for the bio-availability of love and for its healing miracle. Love prospers all and all is well. I accept this for every being on this planet. Breathing in, breathing out- I release this word into the law of mind- knowing it is carried out forever and ever for ONE and all. And so it is!

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