Recalling the Pink Floyd lyrics from the album, “Wish You Were Here”. A snippet rolls through my mind right now, “do you think you can tell, heaven from hell?” And these words from the Course echo through. Our role is to make happy, to keep choosing heaven over hell. The Course teaches us to offer this to ourselves and every being we encounter.
     When we cannot see our way out of a personal hell, it’s our job to lovingly accept where we’re at. Maybe we want something different from what’s happening. All kinds of hell seem to enter our lives. Maybe it’s loosing a job, a sudden illness or accident occurs. Loss of any kind can feel devastating.
     When something we deeply cherish in life changes, we can take a deep breath and acknowledge we don’t like what we’re feeling. Simple acknowledgement can open the door to another way. Rather than asking ourselves why, we can ask Spirit, “How can I see this differently?” If we are sincere, the answer will come.
     Our role in creation asks us to trust that everything works together for the good. How do we access that goodness faster? Forgiveness offers that. And maybe a gift or undiscovered miracle awaits our recognition. Learning to trust maybe one of the hardest things the ego needs to do. Surrender our agenda and let the Lord of Love guide.
     When we include ourselves in the matrix of all that’s happening, we anchor in the light that is at the core of who we truly are. We’re entrusted with a blue print to save any situation we’re experiencing. It takes practice to release judgement, fears and the continually decide on loving thoughts. This returns us to heaven.
     Heaven and hell are aspects of us- just as war and peace. These then become reflected in the outside world because of how we learn to deal with our internal paradise or internal hell. The choice awaits. It is inevitable that we will wake up to the truth of our Being. And we can choose this daily.
    The time we take to decide on heaven or hell is up to us. We may recognize patterns of addiction to hellish thoughts. It might feel temporarily satisfying to the ego to justify that attack. Yet beyond all appearances there is the One who loves no matter what.
     This is what we’re here for and something to daily recall. When we align with the One who loves beyond all appearances, we remember who we are. How do you make happiness your goal and your process? Do you ever feel confused about your role in creation?
     In truth, we’re here to help one another in the remembering. A holy encounter is possible with every situation. Let’s do this. When we release attack thoughts faster, we think into heaven over hell and our world becomes a little lighter.


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